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Carolina Home Remodeling has been offering our home remodeling services in North Carolina and South Carolina since 2002. At the time, we saw a need for reliable and ethical home remodeling contractors that could assist homeowners with whatever their home remodeling needs may be all across our area. We began this endeavor by focusing solely on windows, siding, and sunrooms; so while our product selection may have changed, our core values have remained the same.

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When it comes to bathroom remodeling in north Carolina and South Carolina, we really specialize in wetworks like shower installation & bathtub replacement. It’s very important that you work with professional remodelers like ourselves for things like bathtub replacement, the importance of these jobs being done right can’t be understated. All it takes is placement to be off ever so slightly and you could be looking at leaks, mold & mildew, or possibly even worse problems.

Shower & Tub Replacements

shower and tub replacement charlotteIs your shower moldy, damaged, outdated, or just stained and a general eye-sore in your bathroom? If so, luckily for you, the pros at Carolina Home Remodeling can come in and get your shower all replaced in no time! Given the fact that showering is a near-daily activity for most, it’s well worth actually investing in. You’ll be amazed at the results – and for those that are elderly or ailing, our seated showers make bathing safer than ever. Learn more about our bathroom remodeling services.


carolinas choice casement windowWindows replacement is the best way to boost your home’s curb appeal as well as drastically increase your energy efficiency. Sticking with your old and inefficient windows will do nothing for you other than cost you extra money as time goes on, if you think you’re ready then we recommend upgrading as soon as you can. We take great care to only source the highest quality windows and put the utmost effort into proper installation.

Even if you do get new windows, it’s a waste of your money if they aren’t installed perfectly with no leaks. Learn more about our window replacement services. We work with essentially every kind of window including the following:

Vinyl Siding

Having vinyl siding installed can be an easy way to increase the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of your residence in North Carolina and South Carolina. Carolina Home Remodeling offers a top-of-the-line insulated vinyl cladding that can help reduce the strain on your HVAC system by keeping the internal temperature of your home stable year-round. This means less money spent on energy bills in the future. By choosing Carolina Home Remodeling to complete a vinyl siding project at your home in the Concord, area, you will be able to enjoy additional benefits because of the fact that we only use top-notch products. Our siding is manufactured by one of the leaders in the industry – Alside. Learn more about vinyl siding services.


If you’re looking for high-quality doors for your home in NC, SC or a surrounding area, look no further than the experts at Carolina Home Remodeling. We’ve been serving the area since 2002 and take great pride in doing perfect work for our customers. Regardless of what exactly you are looking for style-wise, you experts will be able to help you find the perfect solution. And, we are so confident in our products and workmanship that we provide a one-year labor warranty in addition to any manufacturer’s warranties that are available for the specific door you select. Learn more about our door installation services.

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