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Window Replacement in Greenville SC

Window replacements are a vital part of keeping your home open and spacious feeling. This might not be something you think about every day but the improvement it can bring to your home is noteworthy.

Casement window replacement Greenville NC

A brand new window installation can help:

  • Your home look more elegant.
  • Keep your cool air inside.
  • Save you money in the long run.

Having professional window installation will help in making your home into the inviting place you’ve always dreamed to have. While windows are an easy to take for granted element in our homes, they can make a massive impression in the rest of your home and in each room they’re featured.

Old windows are harder on your wallet. When you have old windows the conditioned air you pay good money for escapes outside.

Installing new windows is an investment. At the end of the day, a new window is better for your home.

When you replace your windows, you stop air conditioning the outdoors, and you increase the resale value of your home.

In short, good windows let in more light and can be good for the planet. The wrong windows can make your abode feel uglier and be harder on your energy bill.


Replacement Windows in Greenville SC

We’re here for you. We desire you to possess the most impressive windows there are to offer.

We aspire to giving you the best window-buying experience possible. We use the best grade items from the greatest manufacturers in the country.

We have been operating in the Greenville SC community since 2002.

Learn more about our window replacement services.

Window Installation Experts

Only factory-trained and certified installers work at Carolina Home Remodeling With expert installers, we’ll get your project done right the first time.

Our customer service is a point of pride for us.

When you shop with Carolina Home Remodeling, we want you to be completely satisfied. To this end, we will assign a project coordinator to each project.

While keeping you in the loop, your project coordinator will answer all your questions.

We pride ourselves on the accuracy we provide when we give you an estimate for your window replacement.

Thanks to our installation guarantees, our lifetime products, and our commitment to customer service, we’ve made the Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 Remodeler’s List time and time again.

You can res t easy knowing your project will go smooth from start to finish.


Window Installation Warranty

We stand behind our work so much so that we offer a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on every single installation we do.

Now you can be confident that your installation will remain protected for years to come.


Our Energy-Efficient Windows

There are several things that make our windows energy efficient including:

  • Low-E glass.
  • Double-pane construction.
  • Argon gas fill.
  • Magnetic seal.


Window Replacement Financing in Greenville NC

If you need financing options on your windows, we can help you.

Our financing options are available to qualified home owners.

Window Customization Options

You can customize your new Carolina Home Remodeling windows a number of ways, including:

  • A multi-point locking system to add extra security to your home.
  • Customizable colors including up to 16 colors of painted options, 3 vinyl colors, and 5 WoodGrain options.
  • A charcoal aluminum screen with Invisi-Mesh® to protect against bugs from entering your home.


Window Style Options in Greenville SC

If you’re searching for one of the best window companies, you want Carolina Home Remodeling.

There are a variety windows you can install in your house from our huge inventory.

We can assist you in choosing the finest window for your house. In many cases, we can introduce you to windows you weren’t aware of.

Below we talk about some of the types of windows there are. We hope that this will give you insight while you’re making this momentous choice for your abode.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are a popular choice beloved by many. What makes single-hung windows such a good option is how simple they are. One other reason these windows are such a beneficial option is that they’re easier on your wallet. These are a great addition in every room.

These windows feature a single sash that moves up and down. The other sash stays put. This lets in optimal ventilation to the outdoors. There is usually a single screen in front of the sash that moves.

In some models, the sash that moves tilts inwards. This makes the cleaning of the moving sash easier than ever.

Single hung windows are a particularly option especially for:

  • Windows on the bottom floor.
  • Finding cost-efficient options.
  • Not messing with the genuine look of your home.

Double Hung Windows

The major difference between the double hung window and the single hung window is the upper sash. In a single hung window, the top sash is stationary. In a double hung window, it moves. This is great because it let’s cool air in the bottom and warm air out the top.

These windows have another great feature because both sashes can be tilted inwards. This makes them delightful to clean. Due to this, both the outside and inside of the sash can be easily cleaned.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can be a beautiful choice for a modern house. These windows are reminiscent of single hung which we discussed in the previous section. But the thing that sets them apart is the feature where sliding windows adjust horizontally instaed of moving up and down.

Sliding windows are a elegant option in almost any house. They arrive in many unique options.

In some sliding windows have one sash that can be moved horizontally, and sometimes have two sashes that slide horizontally. Often, these sashes will also tilt inwards so you can clean both inside and outside.

Casement Windows

Casement windows come with a couple fun features.

The most exciting feature about casement windows is the unobstructed top to bottom sights. This is because casement windows don’t have multiple panes or sashes. That means the whole window open for open viewing.

They have another cool characteristic. That is that they open fully on one side. Unlike awning windows, casement windows open horizontally instead of vertically. Similarly to awning windows, casement windows open out instead of side to side or up and down.

Many of they can open a full 90 degrees. As a result, they are easy to wash.

Enjoy spectacular views, copious ventilation, and ease of cleaning all in one window!


Picture Windows

In simple terms, picture windows give you a view of the outside that looks like a picture. These windows don’t have any bars or panes within them. Consequently, what you get is an unobstructed view of the outside world.

The fact that picture windows don’t have any panes or moving parts makes them very energy efficient.


Bay Windows

The construction of bay windows makes them a very beautiful part of any home. The thing that is so prized about bay windows is the way they protrude from the house slightly.

Bay windows provide more space inside the house due to their construction. Bay windows are usually made of many panes.

Bay windows afford you a lot of fun applications in your home.


Bow Windows

There are a number of similarities between bay windows and bow windows. Bay windows and bow windows have a number of differences despite their similarities.

For the most part, you’ll find three pane bay windows. By contrast, bow windows are often made up of four or five panes.

People who want more modern style homes typically opt for bay windows. On the other hand, you’ll often find bow windows on Victorian style homes.

Not in the Greenville SC area? Check out all of our service areas, or our service page for the Harrisburg SC area.

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