How A Seated Shower Can Enhance Your Bathing Experience


Most people think nothing of taking a quick shower whenever they want, without difficulty or fear of injury. But for people with disabilities or mobility issues, taking a shower can be quite a chore, and the risk of falling and causing severe injury makes showers a scary prospect. Quality of life can be drastically improved with a seated shower. Here are some ways a seated shower will help.

Shower Seat Benefits

Safety. According to the CDC, over 150,000 people are injured in a shower or bathtub each year. Falls account for 81% of those injuries. Using a shower chair in a walk-in shower can prevent such accidents. Seating is especially needed for those who are elderly, in a wheelchair or have mobility difficulties. A seat will help reduce the risk of falling and the resulting expensive hospital bills. Hygiene. When someone is afraid of getting hurt in the shower, they might choose not to take one, but lack of hygiene can cause problems. Not showering can result in bacterial infections and body odor. Older adults are more susceptible to adverse effects from not bathing regularly.

Making showering or bathing as easy as possible for this age group should be the goal. Independence. Taking a bath or shower without assistance can help a person’s confidence and feeling of independence. They may be inspired to take more steps to maintain their mobility and quality of life. Small adjustments to their changing needs can help them feel in control. This sense of control and independence has an enormous impact on an elder’s mental health.

Types of Shower Seats

There is a wide variety of shower seat types. Select one that suits the needs and lifestyle of the user. Shower seats and chairs can be installed in walk-in showers and well as more traditional shower designs. Styles of shower seats include:

  • Built-in – These seats are built into the shower wall. These can be a bench, corner, even a lounge-style (for large showers).
  • Portable – Folding seats come in a stool style or chair style. A portable seat can be used in multiple bathrooms or be taken with you when traveling
  • Fold-Down – These seats are attached to the wall and are folded down when needed, otherwise fold flat against the wall. These work well if the shower is small and shared with other people.

These seat types come in a selection of materials to suit your taste and style. There are aluminum, plastic, and wooden seats (teak or bamboo). Built-in seats can also be tiled to match the shower walls.

Carolina Home Remodeling

If your quality of life has deteriorated because of fear of falling in the shower, try installing a seated shower. Learning about the benefits of a walk in shower to further improve accessibility is a great idea. It is worth it to improve hygiene, confidence and give you a newfound sense of independence. Contact Carolina Home Remodeling and let us design the perfect seated shower for your needs. Call 704-583-1141 and set up an appointment today.

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