How Much Can One Expect A Bathroom Remodel Cost?

When homeowners want to plunge into a remodel project, they want to know the required budget in precise numbers. A budget is essential because there is a need to prioritize the project’s amenities or scope within the budget parameters. Otherwise, the project’s expenses can quickly get out of hand when selecting materials and features.

Home Remodeling Costs

Establishing the cost of a home remodeling project can be tricky. There’s a long list of factors affecting the overall cost, including location, materials, the extent of work, and quality. Hence, there’s no short answer to a question like “how much is a remodel going to cost.”

Scope of Work

Every job will be unique, and costs will reflect that, so one should never work off fixed prices. Cost guides on the web are helpful but only offer a range of costs. Such a pricing range won’t accurately predict precise numbers for any one project. Develop an accurate scope of work for the project at hand that includes design, materials, utilities (electrical and plumbing), demolition, work schedule, etc.


Once the scope of work is finalized, create the budget. If remodeling the entire home, breakdown the budget by room. For example, one section would be the kitchen, and another one would be a bathroom. Separate significant spaces to be remodeled and assign budgets separately.

Use average costs for different project types like a master bathroom or a kitchen as per the geographic area, but be sure to know the work’s details. If there are non-negotiable items, such as a specific kitchen appliances brand, make those notes in the budget. Prepare a checklist for the work scope to have a rough idea of whether the project falls within the budget or exceeds the funds.

Once general costs for all the project parts are compiled, add them to establish an initial budget estimate for remodeling. The more detailed the budget, the closer the final cost will be to your budget.

Work Schedule

The next step is presenting the scope of work and budget to a professional builder. The builder will prepare a work schedule based on the given information and submit a labor cost estimate. A custom job deserves no less than a custom price. A contractor should work closely with the homeowner to create an estimate based on only what is requested. Carefully consider any recommendations contractors make about changes. Is it a change of something necessary and will benefit the home or is it a way to run up costs?

Carolina Home Remodeling

A reputable contractor always works closely with their clients to determine the extent of work needed. Carolina Home Remodeling helps clients establish a clear goal for the home remodeling project, including a list of amenities and fixtures that fit their style and budget. Our staff offers a broad range of products and features and lets the client decide the project’s final shape. We never hesitate to go that extra mile to determine a detailed budget plan, and we never force our decisions. With our services, you will feel confident about the budget, which will avoid frustrating delays in the future. Call us now at 704-714-5744 and see what we can do for you.

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