How To Measure For Your Replacement Windows

Carolina Home Remodeling window measurement tips

Most people undertake home renovation work from time to time. One such renovation project is replacing old windows in the house. Most people begin the project thinking that measuring for new windows is a simple process. However, installing replacement windows is not as easy as it sounds. It’s best if the measurements are exactly right. Otherwise, you face the risk of being stuck with a beautiful new window that does not fit. Here are some window measurement tips for measuring your old windows correctly, ensuring the replacements will fit.

Accurate Window Measurements

Replacements for vinyl, aluminum, or casement windows are sized using width x height measurements. Use a good tape measure (to 1/16 of an inch) and do not round off numbers.

Measure every window individually. Do not assume windows in the same room are the same size.

Square Alignment

This measurement will determine if the existing window frame is square. This measurement is taken from inside the house. Place the tape measure in one of the top corners where the horizontal and vertical trims meet. Extend the tape diagonally to the opposite corner at the bottom of the window. Now repeat measuring the other diagonal. Compare the two measurements. If less than ¼-inch difference – no problem. If greater than 1/4-inch, the framing will have to be squared up because a replacement window will not fit.

Window Width

When measuring a window, do not include the trim. The Trim is decorative and not part of the window. Measure horizontally between the window jamb on the window’s left and right sides. Take three measurements – bottom, middle, and top of the window. The window may need to be opened to expose the jamb. From the three measures taken, record the smallest.

Window Height

Again, do not include the trim in the measurement. Measure from the sill to the top of the window opening. (Note: The sill is not the trim board extending from the wall.) The sill is the sash rests when in the closed position. Again, take three measurements – right edge, middle, left edge and record the smallest.

Window Depth

Depth is not usually a measurement for replacement windows but may be needed if the opening is unusually narrow. This situation may occur in older homes or with specialty windows. For a standard window, the jamb depth needs to be a minimum of 3-¼-inches.

Double-Check Measurements

Check and double-check measurements before you pass them on to the window manufacturer. Remember, the responsibility of giving the correct measurements lies with you. No window manufacturer will accept any responsibility if the measures turn out to be incorrect during installation. You will still have to pay for the new window that doesn’t fit.

Carolina Home Remodeling

If you are unsure how to proceed with the measurements, it is good to seek a professional builder or installer. If you want complete peace of mind, hire a professional window installer to measure, order, and install the windows. Carolina Home Remodeling has a team of experts that can handle this job. Call 704-714-5744.

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