Is It Time To Replace My Exterior Doors?

Everyone agrees that last winter was a tough one. You tried everything you know to make your house a bit warmer. You replaced the existing windows with energy-efficient windows and turned up the thermostat; however, your living room still isn’t the warm and cozy room you desire. It is still uncomfortably cold, so cold air is coming in somewhere.

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Exterior Door Replacement

Your entry door seems durable and hefty, but it is no longer the steadfast barrier against the outside cold it once was. Most people don’t realize that the longer the door sits on its hinges, the more likely it is to develop a problem that might make the door obsolete. But what are some of these issues? Below are questions you need to ask yourself when deciding if you require an exterior door replacement.

Are Your Heating Bills Higher than Usual?

One of the red flags showing that cold air is leaking inside is a higher than expected heating bill. Compare the recent heating bill to the same month last year. If there is a significant increase in the price, you need to investigate if the entry door is leaking. A new energy-efficient door is the answer.

Is the Door Warped or Damaged?

Take a good look at your door. Understandably, most homeowners don’t take a critical look at the integrity of the entry doors every day. Take a good analytical look at the entry door. Check for warping or cracks around the door edges. These faults can be an eyesore for your home, and they can also lead to cold drafts.

Is the Door Outdated?

Does your door fit into the overall look of your home? Maybe you have changed your landscaping, and the old sliding glass door no longer contributes to your home’s aesthetic. Or you upgraded your home’s exterior, and the entry door is clashing with the new look. Your entry door is the gateway to the rest of your home. If the door doesn’t fit your home’s architectural style, creating a positive impression becomes daunting. Are you looking to sell your home in a few years? Or are you looking to amaze your guests with a beautiful exterior design? An attractive exterior door can be the icing on the cake.

Can the Door Wait Until Next Spring?

There is no better time for exterior door replacement than spring. It is reasonable to replace the door during other seasons, but some drawbacks make the process unfavorable. For instance, the weather is more temperate in spring than in winter or summer. There are fewer extreme temperatures during this season which might lead to higher A/C bills. There is also ample daylight in the spring as compared to all other seasons.

Carolina Home Remodeling

If you can relate to two or three of the above questions, this spring is the best time for exterior door replacement. If you said yes to all the above questions, you should be dialing Carolina Home Remodeling to get your door fixed. Don’t struggle with that door anymore. Contact our experts at 704-714-5744 and get the best exterior door replacement services.

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