Signs You Should Replace Your Bathtub or Shower

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As a homeowner, you may put off some renovation tasks while prioritizing others. For instance, you may neglect your bathroom’s fixtures. However, that can lead to serious trouble in the future, and getting the issue fixed may break your bank.

It is essential to notice the early signs for bathtub or shower replacement. Catching the issue before it becomes severe will help you save money. Then, you can quickly call a bathtub replacement company to resolve the issue. So here are the top signs that a replacement may be needed.

Bathtub Replacement Company Tip: Signs Replacement is Needed


Bathtub leaks occur for many reasons, such as aging. Water outside the bathtub around the base indicates a leak, but a small leak may remain hidden under the tub for a long time. If you don’t get the issue fixed, leaking water can increase your water bill and possibly cause severe damage to the home. You can quickly identify this issue by adding water to the tub and observing if the water drains over time.


Some stains are easy to get rid of in bathtubs and showers. However, eliminating it will be almost impossible if the stain has been there for a long time. In addition, some stained bathtubs are home to many germs and microbodies, such as bacteria that will contaminate the water every time you fill the tub and may cause health issues. So if a stain does not disappear after cleaning, it may be time to replace your bathtub.

Reduced Mobility

Low mobility can also be an excellent reason to get a replacement. For instance, hip joint pain may not allow you to lift your leg high enough to step into the tub, or you may not be able to stand long enough without pain to take a shower. In addition, a wet, slick surface may increase the chance of slipping and falling. A different style tub and non-skid surfaces can resolve these problems. If needed, grab bars can also be added.

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These are the top three signs you should replace your bathtub or shower. After identifying a problem, call a bathtub replacement company for the new installation. Carolina Home Remodeling can help you fix this issue in Charlotte, Kannapolis, Rockingham, and other regions. So be sure to contact us at 704-714-5744. We’ll recommend a bathtub or shower replacement that meets all your needs and budget.

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