Regain Your Bathing Independence – Shower for Seniors

barrier-free showers

Don’t Live Afraid of the Bathroom for no Good Reason

If you or your loved one have suffered from any type of disability or mobility issue and have trouble getting into or out of your bathtub or shower, our home remodeling company can help. Our barrier-free showers and tubs can not only provide your bathroom with an update, but they can also provide a wonderful solution for those with issues.

Showers and tubs with high thresholds can be dangerous for anyone, but they’re especially dangerous for those who have trouble getting into or out of theirs. With a our barrier-free option, you’ll not only get a low-threshold tub or shower to make stepping in and out easy, but you’ll also get grab bars and a comfortable seat to give you a safer bathing experience without the fear of falling down. Plus, our tubs come equipped with hydrotherapy jets to soothe aching muscles and joints. They’re perfect for athletes, people with arthritis, or anyone who wants to take a nice soothing bath and relax.

Tub to Walk-in Shower Conversion

Best of all, our barrier-free tubs and showers are made from high-quality acrylic that will not only complement your decor, but will last for years to come without cracking, chipping, peeling, or fading. In addition, our acrylic material is easy to keep clean and resists mold, mildew, and stains, which means your tub or shower will look great for years to come.

Don’t spend another day worrying about the bathing situation of you or your loved one. Let our remodeling experts help you regain your bathing independence with a new tub or shower installation. Learn more about bathtub to walk-in shower conversion or Give us a call today to learn more.

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