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Window Replacement Services in Charlotte, NC

Getting replacement windows from us installed is an easy way to enhance the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. There’s a number of reasons you may find yourself looking into having your windows replaced, and we can help you out no matter what.

Old and inefficient windows do nothing but cost you unnecessary money, they’re just sitting there letting the nice conditioned air that you pay for outside. Replacement windows generally aren’t a small investment by any means, but the long-term savings are well worth it. You’ll have much better energy efficiency thought your home on top of much better general curb appeal, it’s a win all around!

Window Installation Experts

If you’re looking for dependable, long-lasting windows in Charlotte, North Carolina, you need to talk to our window experts and check out our massive inventory. We offer high-end windows from the best manufacturers in the country and expert window installation services for all residential properties. From simple garden windows to massive bay windows, we can do it all. Furthermore, the replacement windows we offer to homeowners in the Charlotte, NC, area are available in a wide range of styles to make it easy for you to perfectly complement your home, including:

Casement Window Replacement

Enjoy fresh air even on rainy and less than lovely days, with a beautiful window! Casement windows give you much more flexibility to use your windows in inclement weather than a traditional window would. The hinges on these windows allow them to open as much as 90%! Learn more about carolinas choice windowscasement window replacement

Bay Windows

The perfect option to add true dimension to any home. These are going to come with one central picture window that does not open, in addition to two smaller side windows that can either be casement or double hunt. Either way these windows will operate and give you all the airflow you need! Learn more about bay window replacement.

Bow Windows

One of the most transformative things you can do to your home, bow windows make a statement. These windows consist of anywhere from 4-6 windows of the same size and are generally NOT going to open – they are a perfect option to add an incredible view and lots of space to any room. Learn more about bow window replacement.

Picture Windows

The perfect showcase for any good views, picture windows are quickly growing in popularity. Jaw dropping views and abundant natural light can be yours in any room. These windows are incredibly energy efficient and cleaning couldn’t be any easier! Learn more about picture window replacement.

Slider Windows

The perfect window for those that want the view of a framed window but the ability to still get some fresh air. These have been popular for a long time because of all the benefits they have. They’re also incredibly easy to operate and just as simple to keep clean. Learn more about slider window replacement.

Basement Windows

A must have for any remodel or exterior home improvement, these little windows make quite the difference. All too many people severely neglect these windows just because they’re not as easy to see. They’re an important security point in your home and a key point to be considered if energy efficiency matters to you. Learn more about basement window replacement.

Double Hung Windows

Probably the best selling window out there, double hung windows are the ultimate combination of functionality and style. These windows open from both the top and the bottom sash, really moving that fresh air through your home. These windows are incredibly easy to clean, featuring tilt-in-sashes you don’t even have to go outside to clean the exterior! Learn more about double-hung window replacement.

Garden Windows

Bring the outside in to any room, and open up the space of even the smallest kitchens or rooms. These are almost always found in kitchen or laundry rooms and they give you fantastic sunlight from three directions! So you can have all of your favorite plants growing happily safe from the elements and maintain the energy efficiency that you deserve! Learn more about garden window replacement.

Windows & Door Company Charlotte NC

Our Installers are factory-trained and we stand by the work they perform by offering a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on every project. This will allow you to rest assured that your replacement windows will remain protected for years to come.

If you’re ready to revitalize your home, then you need to go ahead and get in contact with Carolina Home Remodeling. From our friendly expert windows installation service to our industry-leading products, we stand out as window experts you can trust. We are dedicated to bringing you 100% satisfaction with every aspect of your window installation from our work to our top-grade products. To find out more about any of our products or the services that we offer please come in to our showroom and chat with us or contact our team today! One of our highly experienced team members will assist you with any questions you may have about window replacement, and schedule an on-site consultation at your earliest convenience.

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