8 Expert Bathroom Remodel Tips

When it comes to home value and selling points, bathrooms and kitchens tend to be pretty high on the list, so if your bathroom is in need of a remodel, we highly suggest considering it. Before you take the leap, however, our remodeling experts have a few tips for you:

Set up a budget

You cant just go remodeling your home on a whim, so the very first thing you should do is set up a budget for your bathroom. If we can offer some advice: remodels don’t always go as expected, so it’s best to give yourself some budget wiggle room, just in case.

Don’t move your plumbing

We know it can be fun to swap your bed with your dresser, or your television stand with your couch, but the same doesn’t apply for your bathroom. Swapping your sink and your toilet can not only be a hassle, but can cost more than you may plan for.

Go green

Home efficiency is great not only for your budget and your carbon footprint, but also for the environment. Choose products (and a company) that not only look great and are made well, but will also help you save money on your water and energy bills.

Consider a shower or tub update

If your bathtub or shower is worn, damaged, or just plain outdated, consider giving it a new look with a new installation, a tub-to-shower conversion, or a tub liner. We offer beautiful bathtubs and showers that can transform the look of your bathroom and are made with durable, low-maintenance materials. Learn about the differences between tile vs fiberglass vs acrylic so you can make the right decision for your home.

Hire some help

Even if you’re someone who loves DIY projects, some bathroom renovations are best left to the pros. Avoid the possibility of accidentally causing a big problem and call a bathroom remodeling company that has the experience to get the job done.

Splurge just a little

We know money is an important factor, but we also think that a remodel shouldn’t just be the bare necessities. Choose one or two things that are most important to you and don’t be afraid to spend a little more on them. If you’ve always wanted a pedestal sink or a claw-foot bathtub, go for it.

Remember the lighting

When homeowners plan a bathroom remodel, they don’t always remember the light aspect. You don’t want to have an updated bathroom with outdated lighting, so consider all of your options including accent lighting, vanity lighting, ambient lighting, and more to complete your look.

Try vertical storage

Here’s a design tip for you: If your bathroom is on the smaller side, try storing your towels, toiletries, and other accessories in a vertical shelving unit or cabinet. You’ll not only create more space, but you’ll also make your bathroom look bigger.

Don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Carolina Home Remodeling today with any and all of your concerns. We’ll answer all of the questions that we possibly can for you and at least get you pointed in the right direction. 

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