The Real Cost to Replace Windows

Do you want your home to be energy efficient? What changes are affordable? New windows could be the answer. Replacing older windows with energy efficient windows saves money, but many people who live in older homes wonder whether window replacement is worth the cost. Let’s take a look.

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Old Windows

Single pane windows do not keep heat inside the house efficiently. Air leaks out around the window frame allowing heat from the interior to escape to the outside. These problems lead to higher energy bills. There’s no point in staying with such windows.

Resale Value

If you’re looking to list your property for sale, home improvement projects can add value to the home. However, you don’t always have enough time or funds for extensive home improvement projects. The key is to select the projects with the best return on investment that fit in your timeline.

Only a few home improvement projects offer a high return on investment with a relatively short timeline – replacement windows are one. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones is a more valuable investment rather than a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Energy-Efficient Windows are Worth the Cost

Aging and drafty windows not only make your entire home chilling but also force you to spend extra money on heating. As a DIY enthusiast, you may be tempted to try tinfoil on windows or a layer of cardboard, but in the end, you’ll still be chilly. These band-aid fixes do nothing to solve the problem.

Return on Investment

Depending on the type of windows chosen, you can expect to recoup about 70 to 80 percent of the investment back with increased home market value. But to be specific, the percentage of investment return depends on the type of window chosen and its appeal in the area’s market.

Window Styles

There is a variety of style options available in the market with endless combinations. Windows with aluminum, fiberglass, and wooden frames are aesthetically pleasing, but they tend to cost more. Vinyl window frames are cheaper than fiberglass and composite frames. Select the style and type that will complement your home’s architectural style.

In terms of the type, there are double-hung windows, single-hung, or casement windows. The most common and most affordable of all is the double-hung type with two sashes that open vertically. Single-hung only has top sash operable, and thus it’s less function and less popular.

Another option is to go with casement windows that are ideal for keeping out drafts and cold air. An even more modern approach is to go with picture windows that give you a clean and uninterrupted view of the outdoors. You can also convert a large window or sliding glass door into a French door that brings stylish elegance to the home décor.

Energy Costs

Homes that have lower electricity bills attract more buyers. Double-pane windows that have two layers of glass which insulate the home. For even better insulation, choose double-pane windows with gas like argon or krypton between the sealed panes. These gases increase the insulation properties.

Carolina Home Remodeling

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