The Keys to a Proper Window Installation

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Proper window installation takes time and requires professionals who believe in quality installation from start to finish. They take the steps necessary to ensure the installation is done right the first time and that the customer is delighted. Here are the essential steps involved in a window installation. Keep them in mind when evaluating professional window installers.

Professional Window Installation: Essential Steps

Measuring Twice

All measurements must be double-checked before a single window can be ordered or installed. The entire installation process can be interrupted if even one measurement is off. It may take a little extra time to measure twice, but you save valuable time if you don’t have to delay the project. A reputable installer will always double-check their numbers.

Inspecting the Window Opening

The rough opening where the old window was removed should be checked thoroughly by the installer to make sure the condition of the wall is adequate for the new window. Moisture and termite damage are the two most common problems discovered. If damage is found, repairs need to be completed before the new window is installed. Installing new windows in an opening that needs repairs will compromise the integrity of the new window.

Accurate Positioning and Securing

A well-trained and experienced installer will ensure the new window is positioned correctly, level, and securely attached, thus reducing heat loss and condensation. A new window will not help with energy efficiency if it leaks air.

Interior & Exterior Finishing

Finishing on your new window’s interior and exterior sides serves aesthetic and functional purposes. Interior finishing done well creates a beautiful look. Exterior finishing needs to be done correctly to ensure the window is watertight by caulking properly between the window frame and the siding.

Keeping a Clean Workplace

After finishing an installation, the only sign that an installer was in the house should be the beautiful new window. An experienced installer never leaves a mess behind them. Instead, they take the time to clean up, so there is no stress or hassle for the homeowner having to do so after they leave the job site.


A professional installer will thoroughly check their work. The customer should be satisfied with how the window looks and receive instructions on using and maintaining it properly. The installer should answer any of the customer’s questions.

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Having a new window installation is an investment you make in your home to increase its value, make it more energy-efficient, and add beauty. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the installers you hire are highly qualified experienced and take time to ensure your installation is done correctly and to your satisfaction, like those at Carolina Home Remodeling. Call 704-714-5744 and see what we can do for you.

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