Why Bathtub Install Needs To Be Left To The Professionals

Remodeling a bathroom is a lot of work. It requires time, money, materials, and plenty of know-how to remove and install all the features to get the room looking perfect. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, some people might be tempted to do the work themselves. A shower or bathtub installation is complicated due to the fine art of water drainage. Let’s look at why this task should be left to the professionals.

Bathroom Remodeling

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Carolina-Home-Remodeling-bathtub-installationMany times doing a bathroom remodel as a DIY project saves money, though some people enjoy doing home projects. While that might be okay for smaller projects, calling the professionals is usually a good idea for larger, more complex jobs. Installing large, heavy items like bathtubs is an excellent example of such installation projects.

Bathtub Installations

There’s more to a bathtub’s sheer size and weight. Professionals are trained on moving these objects without causing damage or injury. Just as importantly, though, professional contractors are up-to-date on local plumbing and electrical codes. The average person doing home projects isn’t always aware of regulations and restrictions, and as a result, can end up incurring fees and fines down the road. This item is especially true for those who intend to sell a house later.

The professionals know the codes and how to install and remodel a bathroom safely. That expertise comes at a price, of course. Still, for something as important as a bathroom, ensuring the job is done right and safely is definitely worth the time and money.

Installation can be a very involved process and a lot of work. Proper drainage and leakage are high priorities. Adequate drainage prevents standing water in the tub. Caulking and sealing prevent water from leaking into walls and floors. Water inside walls and floors can damage the home’s structure and create an environment for mold to grow. Everything needs to fit right, look right, and be lined up in the right way so that it all works as intended. Let the professionals handle the work.

Use Professionals

DIY home projects can be fun and worthwhile if they’re done safely and with the proper tools and equipment. More significant jobs risk complications, like misaligned pipes and code violations. For those instances, it’s best to hire the professionals and let them handle the work. Their training and expertise will ensure the bathtub and tub surround is installed correctly and that the bathroom looks great as a result.

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