Why is Winter a Great Time for Installing New Windows?

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Colder outdoor temperatures mean that winter is on the way. At the same time, homeowners begin to notice a drop in indoor temperatures. Often, old or damaged windows make the situation worse, requiring the heating system to run continuously. Broken windows cause warm air to escape while letting in plenty of cold air. This problem must be addressed to improve the home’s comfort level and avoid high energy bills.

While most homeowners prefer to do a window replacement project during the warm weather, winter is the best time to save money.

Charlotte NC Window Replacement: Winter Season

Here are the top reasons for installing windows during winter:

Energy Savings. Waiting until spring to install damaged windows may prove expensive. High energy bills can add up quickly as the homeowner must rely on their HVAC system to heat their home to a comfortable temperature. In addition, an HVAC system can sustain damage when run continuously.

Mold and Mildew. The growth of mold and mildew around damaged windows results from moisture exposure during the winter. The presence of mold could result in serious health problems. New windows will seal the gaps that allow moisture to enter.

Affordability. Winter is off-season for window replacement work. Any homeowners who want to enjoy special deals and promotions should consider replacing their windows during this time.

Winter Weather. During the winter months, the cold drafts felt indoors help many homeowners identify issues with their house’s windows, enabling them to identify the windows that need replacing. The best way to make the home more comfortable is by replacing old or damaged windows.

Home Aesthetics. Old and broken windows affect the home’s appeal. The winter season is a perfect time for people to spend time together indoors. Since natural light is at a premium during the winter months, people notice the condition of the windows as the light streams in. New windows will brighten the mood indoors and give the exterior of your home a facelift.

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While it’s a bit stressful to replace old or damaged windows anytime, there are benefits to doing it during the winter. We also recommend shower installations in winter as well. The professionals at Carolina Home Remodeling can handle the job efficiently and quickly with minimal disruption to the family schedule. So this winter, have a comfortable home in Charlotte NC; the window replacement experts at Carolina Home Remodeling are ready to help. Contact us today at 704-714-5744.

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